non-brand Toddy cold-brew coffee maker with magical setting.

Ah, my dear coffee adventurers and enthusiasts! Gather around as I unveil the enchanting tale of the Toddy, the ultimate brewer of the coffee realm, a creation of Todd Simpson, a wizard of chemical engineering from the hallowed halls of Cornell!

The Toddy’s Genesis: In the mystical year of 1964, Todd concocted a cold brew system with a patent so magical it transforms regular Arabica beans into a yummy potion of delight. With 67% less acid than conventional brews, this elixir is a boon to those with tender tummies!

The Brew of the Toddy: Behold! The Toddy creates a concentrate of low acid, a base for a bold, super-smooth taste that has captivated coffee lovers for four decades. And fear not thy waste; refrigerated, the Toddy serves one enchanting cup at a time.

Now, let’s delve into the mystical brewing arts of the Toddy!

Coffee-to-Water Alchemy:

The Toddy vessel is designed for 1 pound of coffee and 9 cups (72 fluid ounces) of water. For other coffee sizes, consult the sacred scrolls for proportion suggestions.

Brewing Ritual of the Toddy:

  1. Start with a cup of water in the Toddy’s belly, then add a half-pound of the coarsely ground coffee. Pour water gently in a circular charm to wet all grounds.
  2. Add four cups of water, then the rest of the coffee. Three more cups of water follow. After five minutes, add the final cup of water. But beware, no stirring! Just a gentle tap with your wand on the outside of the Toddy vessel will suffice.
  3. Steep for 12 to 24 hours in a cold-spell enchanted refrigerator. The resulting concentrate is rich, bold, and can be stored for up to two weeks, maintaining its magical taste.
  4. Serve by diluting one part concentrate with three parts water, milk, or cream. Heat it, ice it, mix it to your heart’s content – the Toddy is a versatile shapeshifter like that!

Notes on the Bean Grind:

For the Toddy, use coarsely ground beans, akin to those for an old-fashioned percolator. A magitech blade grinder for 9-11 seconds will do.

Brewing Method Pros:

  • 67% less acidity, a potion gentle on the stomach.
  • Can be enjoyed hot or iced, a brew for all seasons.
  • The strength is in your hands; mix as you wish.
  • Eco-friendly, a nod to our beloved Mother Earth.

Brewing Method Cons:

  • Patience, my friends, as it brews for 12 to 24 hours.
  • A hearty appetite for beans it has, using much per brew.
  • The filter, a faithful servant, must be changed every 10 brews.

Suggested Coffees for Your Toddy Potion:

Venture with beans from Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, and the mysterious Sumatra.

So, dear coffee conjurers, embrace the Toddy, and let each cup you craft be a spell of flavor and smoothness!

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