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You know that asteroid that “killed the dinosaurs” 66 Million Years Ago? Well, it didn’t kill ALL the dinosaurs!

There was a simultaneous asteroid impact in a parallel universe on planet Anki (parallel Earth) and those combined asteroid impacts created what we call RIPs between the parallel universes, and between planets in the parallel galaxy to our Milky Way, called the Abzu Galaxy. Many dinosaurs crossed the RIPs and wound up on planet Anki… where they continued to evolve over millions of years into magical, sapient dragons.

One day, three very powerful dragon siblings were hatched who were destined to become the Dragon Trinity of an ancient prophecy. I write about their stories in my first trilogy, The Dragon Trinity, with book 1 being “Dragons Order”, followed by book 2 “Dragons Life”, and concluded in book 3 “Dragons Divine”.

Eventually, dragons settled the 12 RIP-worlds of the Abzu Galaxy. As they aged and grew comfortable in their dominion of the galaxy, they decided that physical labor was beneath them and so they took African Hominids from Earth and magically combined their DNA with that of the Hominids and created a slave race called the Anu. They made the Anu make RIP-gates so that Dragons and Anu could pass more frequently and reliably between the RIP-worlds.

The dragons made the Anu worship them as Gods and treat them with complete reverence and supplication.

After thousands of years of servitude, the Anu had gained enough magical abilities of their own that they were able to rise and rebel against the dragons on all 12 RIP-worlds. The dragons retreated to the RIP-world called Drak and cut themselves off from the other 11 RIP-worlds… leaving those worlds to the Anu.

The Anu decided the other RIP-worlds needed more life and so, following in the footsteps of the dragons who created them, they used their own DNA and mixed it with various animals DNA to create the fantasy races to inhabit the RIP-worlds (elves, dwarves, gnomes, etc.).

For some mysterious reason, the Anu then disappear from the Abzu Galaxy. They leave behind magical and technological artifacts for the fantasy races to discover to help them advance and evolve as well.

The dragons had been spying on the Anu and keeping track of what they were up to. After the Anu disappear, the dragons open Drak back up to the rest of the RIP-worlds and re-insert themselves into the lives of the new fantasy races… but they don’t try to conquer and control them now, because they are too few, they just try to co-exist.

The dragons teach the elves about the Zi crystals of planet Anki and how to find and use the RIP-gates and so the elves spread their own empire across the 12 RIP-worlds and subjugate the other races.

Until one day a race of aliens known as the Zetta arrive on planet Anki and offer to teach the humans there how to build hyper-drives in exchange for dismantling and studying a RIP-gate. The humans agree and with the Zetta they create a RIP-drive for starships that can travel between the RIP-worlds and through normal space at faster-than-light speeds.

Without a war, the humans of Anki rebel against the elves and force them from the planet. As soon as the humans do this, other races on the other RIP-worlds start to rebel against the elves and the elf empire collapses down to just three RIP-worlds (Eldar, Belba and Murwel) as well as one non-RIP-world called Centar.

Over hundreds of years, the elves make reparations to the other races and apologize for subjugating them and work extremely hard to co-exist as equals with all other races… but all of this are stories yet to be told.

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