Wizard marketing to a crowd outside a coffee shop

Greetings, fellow coffee wizards and creative marketers!

Ronette Reynolds of Barista Exchange recently shared her plight of dwindling winter sales at a coffee shop in a golf resort community. Fear not, for I have brewed up a concoction of marketing ideas, bubbling with the essence of ‘local, local, local’!

Schools’ Spell: Offer a discount to school mages (teachers) and arcane students, host Parents Day promotions, and energize PTA meetings with your finest coffee decanters. Advertise in school scrolls (newspapers) and almanacs (yearbooks) for a lasting impression.

Radio Waves of Wonder: Provide morning brews to sound-sorcerers (radio hosts) and suggest contest collaborations for airtime magic. Your coffee could become the secret spell everyone loves to share!

Scouts’ Delight: Support Boy and Girl Scout troops with refreshments for their enclaves and a space for them to convene their covens. Conjure up a spell for a delicious coffee-infused potion mixed with those famous Girl Scout Cookies!

Corporate Concoctions: Deploy a crafty coffee cart to office buildings, offer group catering discounts for bewitching business conclaves, and brew up special deals for different floors or company events.

Partnerships of Patience: Collaborate with witch & wizard hair salons, pet-familiars caretakers (dog groomers), and carriage craftsmen (mechanics). Cross-promote your respective businesses with spellbinding discounts and become the coffee talk during their customers waiting times.

Healthcare Harmony: Offer your brewtastic potions in hospitals and clinics. Become the go-to mystical coffee cure for witch-doctor professionals and waiting pestilent peasants (patients) alike.

Affordable Alchemy: Outshine the “Chain Stores” by charging less gold coins and conjuring potable potions and fantastical food.

Bonus Idea!

Festive FĂȘtes and Educational Elixirs: Celebrate holidays with gusto, host coffee wizardry seminars, and become a community coven for all arcane arabica knowledge.

Ronette and other coffee wizards, these are but a few spells from my grimoire. What other enchanted ideas do you have up your sleeve? Share your magical marketing spells and robusta runes in the comments!

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