coffee wizard creating a scavenger hunt map game

Greetings from the enchanted realms, fellow coffee alchemists and grandmasters of the bean! Gather ’round as I unveil a tale of marketing wizardry that transformed a humble client’s multiple coffee carts into a realm of adventure and intrigue.

The Quest: A Coffee Scavenger Hunt
Once upon a time, a client with a fleet of coffee carts sought an affordable yet enchanting promotion to lure customers to her various mystical locales. Custom cups with scratch-offs? Alas, too costly a potion for her coffers! But fear not, for I pulled a magical marketing idea from my wizard’s cap and conjured a Scavenger Hunt game, a spellbinding escapade that would lead patrons on a merry chase for hidden treasures.

1. Brewing the Plan:
We set the stage for this grand adventure in the sun-kissed month of August. Each day, loyal coffee seekers would embark on a quest to all seven magical locations, their loyalty rewarded with a tantalizing prize.

2. The Prize of the Seven Relics:
Seven mystical items awaited discovery at each coffee cart. The grand prize? A Free Large Drink, brewed to perfection, for those who completed the quest. A better brew than the usual ten-drink loyalty potion!

3. The Hunt for Magical Artifacts:
Our quest led us to a local emporium where we procured items as rare as dragon’s teeth! Beach balls, shovels, oversized shades, and more – treasures not usually found in the realm of coffee, making them stand out like a unicorn in a herd of horses.

4. Crafting the Scrolls:
We designed the game on double-sided business scrolls (drink cards). One side bore the quest, while the other shimmered with branding runes. Each relic had a space for an employee’s mark, a seal of their visit to that mystical cart.

5. Enchanting the Parchment:
We summoned these scrolls from the finest printers, ensuring one side remained uncoated, ready to be marked by the enchanting coffee wizards at each coffee cart location.

6. Proclaiming the Rules:
Rules were posted at each coffee cart and in the digital dimension, a mystical realm we called ‘our website’, guiding adventurers on their journey to and fro the various hamlets hosting the carts.

7. The Clarion Call:
A week before the quest’s onset, we trumpeted its arrival, stirring excitement and curiosity among the coffee-loving populace. We passed out scrolls of enlightenment down sidewalks and village centers to all passerby. We used various spirits and genies to spread the word via social media accounts in the mystical online realm.

The Grand Finale:
To add even more sparkle to our game, we wove in a raffle for a grander prize drawn from the completed scrolls. An opportunity to gather precious email addresses from our patrons, ensuring future communications and enchantments to further bind the spirits, er… I mean customers, to our coffee business.

Special Notes for the Wise:

  • Keep the flow of your wishing well (order line) smooth. Our items were as clear as crystal to avoid congestion at the counters.
  • Consider using blank scrolls for future quests, then each time you can use new and exciting items.
  • Employ unique stamps for each location, a magical way to mark the journey, know which locations were most popular, and keep track of loyal patrons.

So there you have it, fellow coffee enchanters! Unleash the magic of a Scavenger Hunt in your coffee kingdom and watch as your patrons delight in the adventure!

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