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Greetings, my fellow coffee conjurers and potion brewers! As we approach the mystical time of Halloween, did you know it’s the third grandest celebration, trailing only behind New Year’s and The Super Bowl? With a bewitching $2.5 billion in sales swirling in the cauldron, here’s how your enchanting coffee haven can grab a slice of this ghostly pie:

  1. Bewitch the Airwaves: Gift your brews to the crew at the spookiest haunted house or corn maze. A mention on the radio? Pure magic!
  2. Zombie Fever: Embrace the “I’m a Zombie before My First Coffee” mantra. How creatively can you cast this spell across your brand?
  3. Costume Caffeine: Reward those in costumes mirroring your theme with a free pound of coffee. Capture these magical moments for your social media grimoire.
  4. The Great Pumpkin Giveaway: For a small donation, customers can enter to win a grand pumpkin, with all proceeds going to charity. It’s a potion of goodwill!
  5. Halloween Block Party: Unite with neighboring shops for a monster mash block party. Contests for the best and scariest attire? Absolutely!
  6. Haunted Sale Under the Moon: Host a bewitched sale from midnight to 2 am – 31% off to honor the 31st!
  7. Coffee Killer Chronicles: Summon the power of video with a “Coffee Killer” contest. The most spine-chilling tale wins a trip to a distant land of coffee origins.
  8. Coupon Creatures: Dispatch costumed minions to distribute free drink spells (coupons, in mortal terms).
  9. Halloween Everywhere: Decorate your realm, from physical space to digital dungeons. Skeleton hands pointing to your door, and even chalk outlines with spilled coffee leading away – creativity knows no bounds!
  10. Chocolate-Covered Magic Beans: Adults in costume receive chocolate-coated coffee beans. A treat indeed!
  11. Halloween Gift Baskets: Why wait for Yule? Create baskets with skull and pumpkin mugs, filled with enchanting goods.
  12. 13 Days of Haunted Pastries: Exclusive pastries, like Lady’s Fingers, available only during the 13-day countdown to Halloween.
  13. 13 Spooky Specials: Each day leading up to Halloween, unveil a Spooky Special. Let the customers guess what’s brewing!

So, what otherworldly methods do you employ to market your coffee shop during Halloween? Share your spells and let the cauldron bubble with success!

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