The One of Your Story Universe

The Game Players of Titan by

From Chaos came Order and Together created the Multiverse.
The One looked within and found Its Darkness of inner Chaos.
The One called forth Order to bring Light and organize Its Chaos.
From those Works of Chaos and Order arose Its Own Multiverse within The One.

The One challenged Chaos and Order to outperform Each Other with Their manipulations of Its creations.

The One witnessed all the Works created within It and took time to finesse and form them.

Who exactly is “The One”?

I am the One, Jase Jay Hartly, JJHartly, I am the creator behind the scenes, I am The One doing the shaping of this “game of mine” (writing stories) and making it into its’ own universe. I see myself, rightfully so, as its Creator, as any Writer should, and I feel I therefore have a right and a responsibility to manipulate and form my Story Universe, that is part of the Multiverse, that exists beyond our current comprehension. I believe that whenever a person creates a story, then that story actually comes into existence in the Multiverse; perhaps not in our own universe, but in a parallel universe or a separate dimension from ours. Who controls the Multiverse at large? I don’t know, it’s above my paygrade!

I feel that I have a responsibility to now more fully develop my Story Universe since I have created it and brought it into existence. It would be irresponsible and reprehensible of me to just let it die. I also believe that perhaps … once a Story Universe is created, it is very weak and capable of disappearing back into the aether from which the Creator formed it … but if the Creator makes it more detailed and then actually starts to get more people to believe in it, and especially if more people create more stories in that universe, then it becomes more solid and stable in the Multiverse.

So do I believe that George Lucas and fans have created a real and thriving “Star Wars Universe” in the Multiverse? I sure as heck hope so! As have many other Writers, Creators, Contributors, etc. of any Story Universe. I do wish that those stories now exist as real places, to those in them, in the Multiverse. I further propose that we ourselves are in some Creator’s Story Universe … did that Creator create absolutely EVERYTHING in our Universe? Probably not, but possibly … I can only know the mind of One Creator, myself for my Akasha Universe … I’m not so bold as to claim to know the mind of our Creator(s) of this Universe in the Multiverse.

Since I’m so into games, video gaming, and RPGs in general, I am basing my Story Universe off of the inspirations of many who have come before me. In my Story Universe you’ll find inspiration from: Joseph Campbell, Christopher Volger, JRR Tolkien, Gary Gygax, Issac Assimov, Piers Anthony, Alan Dean Foster, Ben Bova, George Lucas, JK Rowling … all with my own unique spin on it.

Please join me on this Writer’s Journey to see where we wind up in The Akasha Records!

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