Zima (Magic Energy in Dratak: Magic Energy in English)

According to the Anu in the Akasha Records, the multiverse is composed of three energies, Akasha force (element energy), Prana force (vital energy), and Zima force (magic energy).

Zima is the infinite, omnipresent and manifesting magic of existence.

It is Zima that is manifesting as the actions of the body, as the nerve currents, as thought force. From thought, down to the lowest physical force, everything is but the manifestation of Zima. The sum-total of all force in the multiverse, mental or physical, when resolved back into its original state, is called Zima.

The knowledge and control of Zima is really what is meant by the Technomage (Wizard).

This opens the door to almost unlimited power. When one understands Zima perfectly, and can control Zi masterfully, there is no power in the multiverse that can not be his. He can move the sun and stars out of their places, to control everything in the multiverse, from the atoms to the biggest suns, because he can control Zima. This is the aim of the Technomage and the craft of Zi.

When the Technomage becomes a Kurzien (Archmage), there will be nothing in nature not under his control. If he orders the Gods to come, They will come at his bidding; if he asks the departed to come, they will come at his bidding. All the forces of nature will obey him as his slaves, and when the ignorant see these powers of the Kurzien they will call them magic!

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