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Technomages use a combination of technology and magic to create effects beyond the abilities of either alone. Some Technomages spend their lives deciphering ancient records, dismantling intricate advanced technologies, or meditating through their astral connection with the universe, but others take a different approach by studying and adapting the practical combinations of technology and magic.

Technomages use their superior intelligence, cutting-edge technology, and ancient magics to reshape the fundamental laws of reality by the strength of their willpower. Technomages use technology to enhance their magic to expand their technical proficiency, while also using magic to enhance their technology for more expansive spellcasting.

Most Technomages decide to focus their area of study to become most proficient in one or two particular schools of magic since that is all average Technomages can handle, but some superior Technomages are able to handle three or four schools, while a rare few can control five or six … extremely rarely there comes a Technomage who can conquer all eight schools of magic … they are called the Daimon.

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