Sekmet C2M8

Sekmet is our Spock/Data in Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. She is a mature Roboshi of supposedly 18 (but really 522) when our story begins.

She has no hair and is shaped like a humanoid panther. She has glowing blue eyes and is beautifully crafted and ever curious as to the actions of organics.

She looks fully metallic like an android, but being Roboshi, her skin is magically spelled to be like elven flesh. She is a total Spock trope. She is a Type 6 Enneagram, The Loyalist.

She has no love interests but likes to play as if she’s bisexual, just to get a reaction out of others. She was bought by the royal vizier Mirdin Berzu as a gift to Adodella, Faybel Vala’s mother, to be Faybel’s personal Roboshi. She has no memory of when she was originally created or for what purpose and would like to recover those memories and asks Faybel for help.

Because she is a Roboshi, she is smarter, stronger, faster, and more agile than most elves with a cat-like grace. Sekmet can use 3 Schools of Magic. She is dedicated to being a loyal and useful Roboshi to Faybel.

Her creation date was the year 1500, so she is 522 years old… but her memories were wiped when she was bought for Faybel, so they know she’s older, but she only has 18 years of memories at the beginning of the story.

  • Wants: To access her memories and know who she was in the past.
  • Needs: To know that people change over time and she is who she is now.
  • Lie: She was destined to be a bodyguard of Faybel Vala.
  • Ghost: Having her memories wiped without her consent and not knowing her own history.


Youth Personality: intelligent, curious, practical, strong, athletic, adventurous, militaristic, soldier mentality.

Adult Personality: protective, cultivating, pragmatic, structured, preservationist, imaginative, conscientious.

Mature Personality: mature, passionate, creative, autonomous, self-confident, friendly, positive, effective, engaging.

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