Nyami Kituma

Nyami Kituma

Actress Kat Graham

Nyami is our Rebel in Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. She is a young lady of 22 when our story begins. She just looks like a normal, yet beautiful woman, with chestnut brown skin and mesmerizing hazelnut eyes. Instead of a smile, this woman is wearing an all too knowing smirk across her aesthetically sculpted face. She’s just as tall as Gialli, but more slender and slinkier in her movements. She’s dressed in skin-tight black and blue leather from neck to ankles but remains barefoot. She has a black utility belt at her waist which is extra-dimensional. On her right thigh, she’s wearing a black holster with a blaster in it. Her forearms are both covered with magitech bracers, keeping her hands bare as well. Suddenly, the normal looking woman transforms into a black panther with a terrifying snarl. Now we see why the woman keeps her hands and feet uncovered for they are the clawed weapons of a panther!

She is your Rebel Leader trope. She is a Type 8 Enneagram, The Challenger.

She is currently single, but she will find a Love Triangle in Lukos Lavi and Gialli Lodbrok in this story.

She can use 5 Schools of Magic. She is First Mate to Captain Gialli Lodbrok and a Rebel Leader against Queen Morta.

Her birthday is August 22nd, 2000, and she was born in the city of Tenko on the RIP-world Kamlon in the Abzu Galaxy of the Akasha Universe. Her mother is Takhara, a Hybrid/African, and her father is Ryujin, a Beastfolk/Asian.

  • Basic Desire: To protect themselves (to be in control of their own life and destiny)
  • Basic Fear: Of being harmed or controlled by others


Youth Personality: obstinate, impatient, traveler, rational, principled, teaser, orator, sensible, curious.

Adult Personality: defensive, supporting, environmentalist, real, structured, preservationist, imaginative.

Mature Personality: immature, ardent, artistic, independent, confident, approachable, enthusiastic, forceful, flirtatious.

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