Magic (Zi in Dratak: Magic in English)

Magic is a binding, metaphysical, and ubiquitous power in the fictional universe of The Akasha Records. The supernatural flow of energy originated from the concept of Prana, or chi, “the omnipresent vital energy of the universe”.

Magic is a quantum force (Zima) that can be used to override the laws of nature but needs to be focused via an object (amulet, ring, wand, staff, etc.), ritual, gesture, symbol, or language. If un-focused then it’s greatly weakened, not as effective and more dispersed (un-aimed) and could completely miss the target.

Magic occurs naturally in the Akasha Universe and continually replenishes itself.

Five forces govern the physics of the Akasha Universe: electromagnetic force, gravitational force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force and quantum magic force.

The radiation of magic use can make a magic-user very sick over time. Magic pulls energy from the user to focus its effect on something else. This is why spells and potions that use ingredients are preferred over straight magic use because then the Zi force pulls energy from the ingredients before it pulls from the magic-user. Matter & Energy are never created or destroyed, only transformed.

Magic radiates heat & light as it’s used, so people and or objects will glow and be warm/hot as Zi is radiated from them. If a magic-user uses too strong of a spell for their tolerance level, they will literally burst into flames. Tolerance levels are built up over time of magic use and with practice on evolving skill levels.

Magic-users initial, natural skill level, and tolerance vary by user but are based on genetics and inheritance. Augments imbued with magic can greatly alter the skill and tolerance levels of any magic-user that uses them.

Magic-beings are imbued with natural skill and tolerance levels also … so magic-beings that are also magic-users tend to be the most powerful beings in the Akasha Universe.

Magic doesn’t occur naturally in the Erset Universe. Some magic leaks over from the Akasha Universe but it’s weak and dissipates rapidly.

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