Lukos Lavi

Mattias Inwood as Elf

 Actor Mattias Inwood

Lukos is our Love Interest in Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. He is a young man of 20 when our story begins. He has light caramel colored skin and looks to be Latino in ethnicity. He has short black hair that’s naturally curly/wavy. He has bright hazel eyes and is very handsome and confident (but not cocky).

He is half-elf (father) and half wolf-folk (mother) but looks fully elf. He is your typical Knight in Shining Armor. He is a Type 1 Enneagram, The Reformer.

He is currently single, but he will find a Love Interest in Faybel Vala in this story. He was raised as a Prince to the King and Queen of RIP-world Belba. Although he was raised in the lap of luxury, he’s very attuned to nature and is an outdoorsman at heart; he loves camping, fishing, and hiking.

He was smarter, stronger, faster, and more agile than his training companions and he comes across as being perfect at everything. He can use 5 Schools of Magic. He doesn’t have a profession besides being a Royal Prince and a Captain in their military.

His birthday is August 8th, 2004 and he was born on the RIP-world of Belba, home-world of Beastfolk. His father was Luken, a Wolf-folk King, and his mother was Ravina, an Elf Queen.

  • Wants: To do good, to have integrity, to be balanced in brains and brawn.
  • Needs: To learn to follow as well as lead and that using force is not always the best option.
  • Lie: Might makes right.
  • Ghost: Parents killed by Queen Morta.


Youth Personality: impulsive, enthusiastic, explorer, academic, romantic, achiever, debater, rational, logical.

Adult Personality: shielding, nurturing, ecological, practical, organized, environmentalist, resourceful, outdoorsy.

Mature Personality: mature, passionate, creative, unbiased, confident, outgoing, hopeful, powerful.

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