Lamia Morta

Lamia Morta by David Revoy

Lamia Morta by David Revoy

Lamia is our Antagonist in Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. She is a mature lady of 151 when our story begins. She wears her long red hair straight or pulled into a ponytail. She has jade green eyes and is gorgeous but arrogant.

She is a full-blooded Dragon, but usually wears her elf-looking form. She is your typical Villain trope. She is a Type 8 Enneagram, The Challenger.

She is currently single because she only loves herself. She never knew her father but found out through DNA testing that she was heir to the Drak Dominion Kingdom. Her mother was merely a servant of the king and sold Lamia off into prostitution when she was barely 10 years old. She did not find out she was a queen until the age of 18 when she had enough money and time to learn more about her heritage. She tried to make herself ‘legitimate’ by buying several businesses and becoming an infamous drug kingpin before pursing her interests in inheriting the kingdom.

Lamia was always a fast learner and knew more magic than she let others believe so she could someday take her revenge on them. Lamia can use 7 Schools of Magic.

She is Queen of the Drak Dominion (1889) and she forms The Supremacy (1959): Drak, Falbur, Jorkia, Sedgi & Ternor.

Her birthday is February 14th, 1871 and she was born on the RIP-world Drak in the Abzu Galaxy of the Akasha Universe.

  • Wants: To protect herself (to be in control of her own life and destiny)
  • Needs: To be vulnerable to another, let down her guard
  • Lie: Others will always try to control and harm her
  • Ghost: Sold into slavery at age 10 by her own mother and controlled by her elf owners


Youth Personality: tractable, calm, surveyor, cerebral, cynical, problem solver, arguer, illogical, intelligent.

Adult Personality: selfish, neglectful, non-ecological, practical, organized, anti-environmentalist, inventive, energetic.

Mature Personality: strong, obsessive, innovative, independent, confident, hostile, pessimistic, dominant.

Image Credits: David Revoy.

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