Jaylin Wynutu

Jaylin Wynutu

Jaylin is our Mentor in Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. She is an older lady of 600 when our story begins. She wears her long white, wavy hair straight. She has ocean blue eyes and is incredibly beautiful and elegant.

She is pure elf but doesn’t know who her parents were (possibly avatars of Dragons in Elf bodies?). She is your typical Mentor trope. She is a Type 6 Enneagram, The Loyalist.

She is currently single and we’re unsure of her sexuality. She is a member of the Satsan Circle, a group who believes that elves are the first and most sacred race created. She was left as an orphan baby at the Satsan Circle of Kiabel on planet Eldar. She was raised in the Satsan Circle traditions and therefore has led that lifestyle her entire life.

Jaylin is smarter, faster, and more agile than even young Faybel. She chooses to be a teacher rather than a fighter. She can use 8 Schools of Magic, but she is reserved about her magic use. Her profession is that of a Satsan Circle Master.

She is unsure of her exact birthday due to being left at the Satsan Circle as an infant, but the year was 1442. She is the daughter of a Human King (Minos) and Elf Empress (Vala), but she looks fully elf and DNA testing doesn’t exist yet, so her lineage is unknown except to the reader (she is also the daughter of Barva and Shakas as avatars in human and elf bodies).

  • Wants: To be a good leader, teacher, and mentor to the younger generations.
  • Needs: To learn she doesn’t have to be the leader, to become the student, to learn from younger generations.
  • Lie: Believing that she’s a full-blooded elf and that fighting is bad form… pacifism is the key to true harmony.
  • Ghost: Being left as an orphan and not knowing her true birth heritage.

Youth Personality: willful, impatient, pioneer, scholarly, principled, problem solver, debater, sensible, rational.

Adult Personality: caring, encouraging, conservationist, pragmatic, organized, ecologist, creative, outdoorsy.

Mature Personality: mature, enthusiastic, creative, team player, poised, sociable, confident, persuasive.

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