Gordon (Strong, Storm in Dratak) is one of the 12 known RIP-worlds and is inhabited by Drugar (Dwarf) a species forged in the caverns of Mount Buri.

Gordon is a muddy-brown planet with little surface water and always covered in violent, high-wind storms, so the dwarves live underground for the most part. They carve their dwellings in caverns and tunnels below the planet’s surface.

Dwarves love to build things very big, to make other races realize what it feels like to be a dwarf when visiting other planets. Dwarves are known to be superior sculptors, blacksmiths, and craftsmen.

Gordon’s capital city is Aglarog in the country of Rognir.

Unique to this planet:

  • Characters: Dukrik Bardon
  • Cultures: Cultures, Groups, and Organizations unique to this planet.
  • Faunas: Animals unique to this planet.
  • Floras: Plants unique to this planet.
  • Histories: Events unique to this planet.
  • Locations: Locations unique to this planet.
  • Militaries: Militaries unique to this planet.
  • Politics: Politics and Governments unique to this planet.
  • Races/Species: Drugar (Dwarves)
  • Religions: Religions and Deities unique to this planet (Norse Mythology as basis)
  • Stars: Goruddar (Dagr)

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