Giants from Pathfinder RPG

In the AbZu Galaxy, Giants (Jotun) are (2 or 4 times) bigger than Humans in general (about 21 feet maximum… there are always exceptions to any rule). Giants are from the planet Jorkia.
Cyclops, Trolls and Ogres are related species to Giants.

Giants are very solitary (except for mates), males are very territorial and will fight each other to the death to protect their territory, mate and children. Females tend to stay apart from the males except for mating. Females raise their children away from the male father, but in the same household. Female children are married off when of age. Male children are given an inheritance and must build their own home in their father’s territory, they can inherit their father’s estate at his passing or go out and conquer another Giant and take over his estate. Males do not mate when living in their own father’s territory, only when they inherit their father’s estate or conquer/build their own estate.

According to Akasha Records, Giants are a race of zavi created by the combination of Elephant and Anu DNA.

Giants live to be about 175 to 350 years.

Image Credits: Pathfinder RPG.

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