Gialli Lodbrok

Gialli Lodbrok

Gialli is a Sidekick in Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. He is a young man of 26 when our story begins. A tall, fit and handsome man. He has dark brown hair cut in a medium style that perfectly frames his chiseled face with bangs that dangle past his eyes. Those beautiful, bright green eyes. He knows he’s handsome to a lot of ladies and he uses his charm to enhance that quality.

He is fully human. He is an honorable Lovable Rogue trope. He is a Type 7 Enneagram, The Enthusiast.

He is currently single but will find a Love Interest in Nyami Kituma in this story.

Gialli is highly intelligent given his average IQ. He’s very athletic and a gym-rat, but he has a very unhealthy appetite, which doesn’t affect his physique since he likes to stay fit. Gialli can’t use Magic naturally (so he’s a gunga – stupid animal – derogatory slang) and needs magic-infused items to perform magic. His profession is Bounty Hunter, Race Pilot and Cargo Hauler.

His birthday is April 10th, 1996 and he was born in the city of Valhalla on RIP-world Anki in the Abzu Galaxy of the Akasha Universe. He was an orphan raised on the streets and a member of various gangs while growing up. He has close connections to those gangs still.


  • Wants: To live free and be financially independent… to ride the galaxy and have adventures.
  • Needs: To settle down a little and make some roots, gain friends and appreciate such things in life.
  • Lie: Financial independence will bring happiness.
  • Ghost: Growing up on the streets as an orphan and having nothing to call his own.


Youth Personality: stubborn, eager, explorer, thinker, fervent, pragmatic, orator, sensible, reasonable.

Adult Personality: defensive, supporting, roguish, helpful, disorganized, capitalist, resourceful, spacer.

Mature Personality: immature, fiery, imaginative, independent, confident, friendly, enthusiastic, persuasive, flirtatious.

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