Elves (Artisan, Soul in Dratak: Elvi) are approximately human-sized beings and are from the planet Eldar.

Elves can easily pass as human by hiding their pointed ears (this is how they can hide on Earth – Erset in the Erset Universe).

According to Akashism, Elves are the first race of Zavi created by The Trinity and are a combination of Leopard and three drops from Abnazu.

There once was a Great Eldar Empire in the Abzu Galaxy.

They spread to Anki which lead to them controlling the Abzu Galaxy for over a thousand years.

The Elves discovered and maintain RIPgates.

This is why the Elf language and culture have so permeated the Worlds of the Abzu Galaxy.

The Eldar Empire was overthrown in the Anki Ascendancy RIP World Wars which introduced a massive influx of humans from the Mycenaean civilization from Earth (Erset) to the parallel Earth (Anki).

The Helios solar system has hence mostly converted over to Mycenaean/Greek beliefs and names while the rest of the Abzu Galaxy still uses the ancient Elven language for names and places.

The Elves tend to be on the arrogant side because they once ruled the galaxy.

The Elves are the closest allies and trading partners with Humans now though.

Elves are NOT immortal, but live to be between 550 and 750 years (700 is average).

Image Credits: https://nipuni.deviantart.com/.

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