Dwarves (Craftsman, Metal in Dratak: Drugar) are approximately half-human sized and are from the planet Gordon, one of the 12 RIP-worlds.

Dwarves can easily pass as short, stout humans on Earth. Pure dwarf bloodlines have rounded ears, while mixed bloodlines will have pointed ears.

According to Akasha Records, Dwarves are a race of zavi created by the Anu as a combination of Wombat and Anu DNA.

Dwarves live to be between 250 and 450 years.

Dwarves never considered themselves subjugated by the Elves, but always saw themselves as equals to them. The Elves, not wanting for continued warfare with the Dwarves, let them think they were equals. Each race truly believes they are the better and more dominant race and are fooling the other race into false equality.

So, although they get along superficially, there’s an underlying tension in individual relations. Therefore, Dwarves and Elves tend to be very formal and diplomatic in their interactions.

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