In the AbZu Galaxy, Dragons (Drakun = Ancient, Architect in Dratak) are large lizard-like creatures and are from the planet Drak.

According to Akasha Records, Dragons are a race of zavi descended from dinosaurs, but those with magic can take human or elf form at will, if they choose.

Dragons live to be about 3,000 to 6,000 years (about 2 times longer than Dragonkin).
Dragons are natural hoarders and dealers in finances, but are very secretive about their wealth.

Dragon society was formed into a caste system by the Dragon Trinity millions of years ago.
Leadership and position are NOT gender specific, but females tend to be stronger than males.

At the top of society is the Rakon caste, meaning Elite,  Guardian.
They are headed by the twelve Arkon: Administer,  Guardians – Rulers.
Below them are the Talon: Truth, Guardians – Enforcers.
Below them are the Zonon: Warrior, Guardians –  Warriors.

Next is the Tazu caste, meaning Teach, Wisdom.
It consists of the Tavi: Teach, Soul – Priests.
Below them are the Tava: Teach, Mind – Scholars.
Below them are the Tashi: Teach, Life – Teachers.

Next is the Makshi caste, meaning Harvest, Life.
It consists of the Maktar: Harvest Trade – Merchants.
Below them are the Makber: Harvest, Wildlife – Hunters.
Below them are the Makma: Harvest, Plants – Gatherers.

Next is the Bornar caste, meaning Common, Worker.
It consists of the Vanar: Mind, Worker – Elevated.
Below them are the Drunar: Craft, Worker – Service  providers.
Below them are the Gornar: Strong, Worker – Manual  laborers.

And at the bottom of society is the Gunga, meaning  Dumb, Animals.
This is the slave class and they possess no magic.

Dragons are born as Edupor, egg potential, all equal in the  Dragon society, but they can rise through castes based upon  magic, intelligence and resourcefulness (in that descending order of importance).

Dragons love to play games. Dragons believe life itself is a  game that must be played with every ounce of their essence.  Dragons see their society’s caste system as a grand game for all  Dragons to enjoy.
Dragons lay one to three eggs in a clutch.
All Dragon eggs in a season and zone are gathered in a  Brood, which can contain up to 21 eggs.
Broods are purposefully left in remote and desolate places.
Brood eggs laid days or weeks apart will synchronize to  hatch roughly at the same time.
From the moment of hatching, baby Dragons exist by the  rule of survival of the fittest.
Because of the Brood gathering and hatching method,  Dragons never know their true parents.

Baby Dragons may be loners or stay in the brood group of up to  21 individuals, but never more than 21… the territorial  instinct will become overwhelming in groups of more than 21 and result in fighting.
Until the age of one, they must completely survive on  their own in the wild.

By instinct, a baby Dragon knows not to enter the territory  of another Dragon, so they naturally stay in the wild and avoid  Dragon society.

Using their magic abilities, the Tarkon are able to gather  the surviving Dragons who have reached the age of one and test  them for magic ability.
Those with no magic are made a Gunga the rest of their  lives, so less food and menial tasks keep them frail and weak.
Those with magic are put into the lowest Dragon Caste,  the Bornar, as a Gornar, manual laborer, to build their physical strength.

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