Beast-folk (Wild, Intelligence in Dratak: Berza) are approximately human-sized beings and are from the planet Belba.

Beast-folk, who can perform magic, can make themselves appear as an Elf instead of their beast-folk form… but maintaining this appearance uses a lot of magic and keeps them from performing other magic spells. Beast-folk who can’t perform magic are always in their beast-folk form.

Beast-folk can easily pass as human by hiding their pointed ears (this is how they can hide on Earth).

According to Akasha Records, Beast-folk are a race of zavi created by the Anu as a combination of various animals and Anu DNA.

Beast-folk live to be between 125 and 200 years (175 is average).

Some types of Beast-folk include:

  • Bear-folk
  • Cat-folk
  • Dog-folk
  • Fox-folk (Kitsune)
  • Lion-folk
  • Lizard-folk
  • Rat-folk
  • Tiger-folk
  • Wolf-folk

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