The Anu Race

According to the Akasha Records, the races were created and placed upon their worlds by a previous race of beings called the Anu (whom were created by Dragons who spliced their DNA with African Hominids to make a slave race). The Dragons made the Anu create the RIP-gates to connect the 12 RIP-worlds of the Abzu Galaxy.


The Anu slaves rebelled against the Dragons across the 12 RIP-worlds. Most Dragons retreated to the RIP-world Drak and then cut themselves off from the other 11 RIP-worlds.


After the fall of the Dragons, the Anu used their mixed DNA with animal DNA to create the known races of the RIP-worlds… each RIP-world getting a unique race that best suited the unknown intentions of the Anu.


What the Akasha Records record about the Anu:
  • The Anu can be traced back to originating on Earth/Earth Universe about 1 million years ago and were made by Dragons mixing their DNA with that of African Hominids.
  • The Anu were made to be naturally sensitive and attuned to RIPs and able to use magic and were created by the Dragons to be a slave race and to create the RIP-gates on RIP-worlds.
  • Dragons spread across all 12 RIP-worlds… taking the Anu, flora and fauna with them.
  • The Anu rebelled against the Dragons after millions of years of servitude.
  • The Dragons retreated to the RIP-world Drak and cut their RIP-gate off from the other 11.
  • The Anu, for unknown reasons, mixed their DNA with animal DNA to create the current races of the RIP-worlds.
  • The Anu mistakenly left behind some magical and technological artifacts on each world and the races find them and learn from and use them.
  • The Anu mysteriously disappeared and took their advanced technologies with them, leaving behind only the RIP-gates and ancient magics for the races.

Image Credits: Mavrosh on DeviantArt.

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