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Anki (Sky, Land in Dratak) is one of the 12 known RIP-worlds and is inhabited by Umamun (Human). It is a parallel Earth (Erset) in the Abzu Galaxy of the Akasha Universe.

Anki is a distinctly blue, rocky planet with a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere and a variety of environments with differing climates. Humans tend to build their major habitations near coasts and along rivers, but have spread their dwellings to encompass practically all land masses as well as some aquatic based homes, towns and cities.

Anki is noted for its ancient Greek culture paying tribute to their pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, and Greek architecture with a more modern twist.

Previously ruled and occupied by the Anu themselves before they disappeared, there are Anu artifacts still being discovered in remote places of the planet.

Anki’s Capital City is Omphalos, in the Country of Mukanai (Athens, Greece = Earth counterpart).

Unique to this planet:

  • Characters: Gialli Lodbrok, Alexandros Minos.
  • Cultures: Ancient Greek (originally from Earth).
  • Faunas: Dinosaurs (originally from Earth).
  • Floras: Plants unique to this planet.
  • Histories: Original birthplace of the Dragon Trinity.
  • Locations: Mount Esdar.
  • Militaries: Hoplites and Spartans.
  • Politics: Politics and Governments unique to this planet.
  • Races/Species: Umamun (Humans).
  • Religions: Greek Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.
  • Star: Anud

Image Credits: Photograph: Deco/Alamy.

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