Abzu Galaxy

Since the Abzu Galaxy is a parallel galaxy to the Milky Way, we can just use a Milky Way map.

The Abzu Galaxy exists in the Akasha Universe, a parallel universe to our universe where advanced technologies (Science) and ancient magics (Fantasy) co-exist and intermingle.

Stories in the Akasha Universe are a mix similar in spirit to Tolkien, Harry Potter, and Star Wars stories.

RIP-gates allow rapid travel across the galaxy via the 12 RIP-worlds.

The RIP-gates connect up to 25,000 light years from point of origin to destination within the galaxy, so traveling the entire width of the Abzu Galaxy would require at least 4 RIP-gates (since the Abzu Galaxy is about 100,000 light years across).

Nobody knows why the original 12 RIP-worlds are the only ones linked by RIPs, and thus RIP-gates (except for legend).

The 12 RIP-worlds connected by RIP-gates:

  1. Anki
  2. Belba
  3. Drak
  4. Eldar
  5. Falbur
  6. Gordon
  7. Jorkia
  8. Kamlon
  9. Murwel
  10. Piplin
  11. Sedgi
  12. Ternor

Other Worlds:

Abzu Galaxy RIP-worlds

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