Abadon Morta

Abadon Morta

Abadon is an Antagonist at the beginning of Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. He is a young man of 18 when our story begins. He wears his long green hair straight with a natural wave. He has parakeet green eyes and is very handsome and cocky.

He is truly a HERO trope. He is a Type 3 Enneagram, The Achiever.

He is currently single, but he will think he’s found a Love Interest in Faybel Vala until he learns a certain truth about her.

He knows he was adopted by Queen Morta and she’s been exceedingly nice and sweet to him throughout the years, although strict in his upbringing by nannies.

He graduated top of his class and learned at an early age to excel in his natural abilities to be smarter, stronger, faster and more agile than his classmates, to prove to the queen how extraordinary he is.

Abadon can use 8 Schools of Magic. He is the Royal Prince and a general in Queen Morta’s armies.

He is unsure of his actual birthday since he was adopted and Queen Morta doesn’t celebrate birthdays, so it’s never been an issue for him to know his. He’s been told that he’s half-human and half-elf and not a Dragon like his adoptive mother, but the queen refuses to let him have a DNA test to know his exact heritage.

  • Basic Desire: To feel valuable and worthwhile
  • Basic Fear: Of being worthless


Youth Personality: headstrong, impatient, explorer, intellectual, idealistic, problem solver, debater, rational, logical.

Adult Personality: protective, nurturing, ecological, practical, organized, environmentalist, resourceful, outdoorsy.

Mature Personality: mature, passionate, creative, independent, confident, friendly, optimistic, influential, flirtatious.

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