The Proper Care (& feeding) of Your Plot Bunny

This week I’ve been plagued by a lot of little plot bunnies and found it hard to work on my current stories.

What exactly is a Plot Bunny?

Thanks to Kristen Kieffer for her wonderful definition she gives over on her blog!

A plot bunny is simply a story idea that just won’t leave you alone. It usually comes in the form of a single scene, character, or concept, forcing you to fill in the gaps if you want a full plot for your novel.

Properly cared for plot bunnies are usually cute, fluffy and playful … but ignore them too long and they can become rather annoying and distracting, not to mention downright deadly (mild exaggeration)!

I care for my plot bunnies by always acknowledging them when they creep into my view (mind’s eye) and I write them down into my favorite note-taking program Evernote. I have a special notebook in Evernote called @plot-bunnies just for this purpose.

I even have a folder in Scrivener called “Plot Bunny” where I immediately note any plot bunnies so I don’t have to leave the program and interrupt my writing flow, but I later transfer these over to Evernote when I have downtime and I’m looking to have a break from my usual writing or I’m suffering from some writer’s block.

So here are my steps in the Proper Care of Your Plot Bunny:

Step 1: Acknowledge the Plot Bunny! Give yourself 30 seconds to admire the plot bunny and realize it’s your brain’s way of telling you that there’s something more going on under the surface of what you’re doing.

Step 2: Write down the Plot Bunny! Give yourself 1 minute to capture the plot bunny by writing it down in your favorite note-taking program or app or whatever is most handy at the moment and takes the least amount of time to access and use.

Step 3: Leave the Plot Bunny! Now is NOT the time to play with your plot bunny. Leave it alone and let it get used to its new surroundings and know that it will be right where you left it when you’re more prepared and have more time to give it proper attention. Now get back to writing or working or reading or doing whatever it was you were doing before being distracted by the cute little plot bunny!

Step 4: Revisit the Plot Bunny! Now that you didn’t get distracted by the cute little plot bunny, but left it alone a while and gave it time to settle in, it won’t have turned into a deadly little monster! NOW you may safely return to the plot bunny and care for it some. Re-read what you wrote down and then let your mind wander and play with it … take all the time you need at this point and note down everything that you can think of concerning the plot bunny and it’s implications for your current story or even a new story.

By following the steps above, you can always be confident and carefree in knowing that your plot bunnies will be fruitful and multiply … while staying cute, fluffy and playful!

Ignore the steps above and you can be sure that your little plot bunny will turn into a viscious little monster that scratches and eats at you while you’re trying to get other things done in life!

Ready for the next steps in The Proper Feeding Of Your Plot Bunny?

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