My Goals for 2017

Happy New Year!

For 2017 I set up a Writing Calendar with Stickers for my daily writing goals.

I’ll get a silver star for every 250 words, a gold star for every 500 words, a blue star for every 1,000 words, a green star for every 3,500 words, and a red star for each chapter I finish.

My daily goal is to write 500 words and my weekly goal is therefore to write 3,500 words … or a gold star every day and a green star every week 🙂

My book goal is to have my first draft of “The Witch Wars: Book 1” done by July 31st, 2017 and to have a completed book done by December 31st, 2017!

My blogging goal is to write a new blog post every Sunday in 2017 😉

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