Barva’s Secret Lair

Barva made his way to the shaman’s chamber containing the edubas, memory-eggs. He hastily spoke the spell from his mother’s memories that opened the sealed chamber for him. He snatched up the bag she had left hidden away. Barva deliberately chose the edubas which held secrets of the mountain that only the shamans were supposed to learn and access and he put those eggs into his bag. He knew there were other edubas with secrets in them, but he needed to leave those to avoid suspicion from the new shaman that any of them were missing. He made haste to rearrange the edubas to hide that some were taken. He also recalled from memories that there was no official inventory of the memory-eggs so there was no fear of the stolen edubas being noted by the new shaman.

Barva then recalled the hidden door in the room which would lead to a maze of secret passages carved deep in the underground of the mountain. He followed those memories through various tunnels and caverns to the lair his mother had arranged for him. This was a large central cavern with several smaller caverns attached as rooms, his own little nest within the depths of the mountain. He took the stolen edubas into the room designated as his personal library, already filled with copies of the shaman’s edubas, and placed them upon the shelves. Now he was certain that the new and future shamans wouldn’t learn of the secret passages that only he could use.

Next, Barva found the pantry and made a meal of some pickled meat and drank from the natural spring tucked into the corner of the cavern. Time to make his plans on how to avoid other Dragons while he could grow and build strength. He would need a strict regimen of eating, exercise and study of the edubas to make himself well prepared to face any future foes he was due to encounter. With his belly full and his thirst quenched, Barva found his way to his bed and settled in for a short nap before beginning his new regimen.

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