Barva’s Magical Development

Over the next several years, Barva learned many spells and became very proficient at using them and knowing how many he could use before tiring and running out of his magical energy supply.

One of the first spells Barva had taught himself was a teleportation spell so that he could enter and exit his nest of caverns without being detected but still be able to get outside and hunt or forage for food. Barva was able to keep his pantry full of food supplies for months at a time.
The next set of spells that Barva learned was defensive and offensive ones so that he’d be able to protect himself if he ran into any other Dragons, either inside or outside of the mountain.

One illusion spell allowed Barva to appear to be a more mature and larger Dragon than his actual age. This spell made it possible for other Dragons to fear him if he was seen wandering outside his nest of caverns. Barva perfected the use of the spell and would always use it when interacting with other Dragons.

Studying the shaman memory-eggs, edubas, Barva was also able to become proficient at alchemy within a mere year of starting his studies. Coupling his alchemy skills with his foraging of plants and animals, he was able to concoct a large variety of potions to have on hand for any occasion. Barva was so focused on avenging his mother’s murder that he knew such a stockpile of elixirs would be necessary at some point in the near future.

Using the hidden passageways and the hidden door in the new shaman’s library, he was able to spy on the new shaman, named Falzir, his mother’s murderer, and keep good tabs on her and her interactions with fellow Dragons. During his eavesdropping, he was able to gather large amounts of secret interactions between her and other Dragons and build up his own backlog of potential ways to blackmail Falzir if he so chose. Barva thought maybe he could blackmail the young black Dragon for a while before he finally put an end to her. He could think of nothing more pleasurable than making the murderous mange suffer for a long period before her inevitable death.

Once Barva turned ten, only seven years living in the world (accounting for 3 years gestating inside his mother), he decided it was finally time to approach Falzir. He listed to Falzir the secrets he’d gathered on her, but let her wonder exactly how he had come into possession of such knowledge.

Falzir had no choice but to comply with Barva’s demands, but she determined in her head to learn more about the mysterious platinum Dragon and put an end to him and his blackmail.

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