RIPgates are devices set up around RIPs (Recurring Intragalactic Portals) to make them more stable and are capable of extending the opening times and sizes of those RIPs.

Once Satva Circle Masters learned how to detect RIPs, they started trade among the 12 planets found via those RIPs. Once they discovered Anki’s Zi Crystals and their unique ability to influence portals, then the Elvi were able to discover the ancient RIPgates and began using them for more controlled movement through the Abzu Galaxy.

The Elvi used the unique energy signature of the RIPgates to track down and locate more … but they kept this information greatly guarded and secret from the other races for millennia as they founded the Eldar Empire.

RIPgates were discovered and maintained by the Satva Circle … but not created by them, they already existed.

RIPgate facts:

  • RIPgates have a shimmering cloudy translucence, but can’t be looked through to see the destination.
  • RIPgates are only so big, so dimensions of items to go through the gates must be considered (tall enough for a Giant to walk through).
  • RIPgates are powered by Zi Crystals.
  • RIPgates stay open for only 3 minutes and then must recharge for 24 hours.
  • RIPgates only transport up to 24,000 light years away from point of origin … so travel across the Elvi Empire takes at least four gates (since it spans 100,000 light years).
  • RIPgates cost 3 days of travel time for every 24,000 light years traveled.
  • RIPgates travel time seems instantaneous to the traveler, but it actually takes 3 days of real time, it’s considered “lost time” since it’s not experienced by the traveler – Exception = RIPgates between Earth and Anki are instantaneous since they occupy the same point in space, but in parallel universes.
  • RIPgates can only connect two points in Space/Time, so multiple RIPgates are needed to travel among the 12 worlds.
  • Like Z-Drives, only two RIPgates can operate safely near each other due to magical and physical radiation.

RIPgates are often traversed via (arcanepunk) multiple short trams (4 car maximum each) in order to move large amounts of cargo and people at the same time in a short interval. Modern trams are computerized so they can move through quickly and not crash into each other (an occasional historical problem when under intelligent control).

RIPgates are an ancient means of transport … spaceships are now the preferred method of intragalactic travel.

RIPgate travel tends to cost more, take more time and is more complex to coordinate for longer travel than Z-Drives.

Elvi travelers are given preferential treatment and priority travel through RIPgates since they are controlled by the Eldar Empire.

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