Birth of the Dragon Trinity

Barva, Shakas, and Kurzi

Barva used a talon to crack open his egg… just a slight crack at first, then he enlarged it… he made a hole in his eggshell and poked out his bright gold snout for his first breath of fresh air. He made fast progress in making the hole larger and getting the rest of the eggshell off him, so he was free.

Shakas ripped a crack right down the length of her eggshell and tore out, shattering pieces everywhere. She nodded her opulent red head at Barva as they both turned their attention to the third and final egg.

Instead of any cracks, the eggshell shimmered from an inner purple light and shook. A muffled voice used strange words, then with a faint pop, the entire eggshell disappeared and there sat Kurzi, in all one’s amethyst glory.

Barva stepped out of the nest onto the cavern floor and addressed them, “Greetings my siblings, Shakas and Kurzi. Do you have memories from mother?”

Both the other dragons nodded their heads in positive agreement, so Barva spoke again, “I am Barva the metallic Gold. The light bringer of Order from Chaos.”

Shakas spoke next, “I am Shakas the chromatic Red. The dark reaper of Chaos from Despair. Mother made this place, deep within these mountains, as a place of refuge from our enemies until we are big and strong enough to face the challenges that lay ahead.”

Kurzi grinned and bowed, “I am Kurzi the gem Amethyst. The judge balancer of Magic between Order and Chaos. A hermaphrodite, both male and female, another balance. In my memories, mother wanted me to teach you magic.”

“A dragon has never been born with so much magical knowledge, or with their mother’s memories, or ability to speak either. She was a strong wizard to craft such spells. My memory has a library here for us, full of edubas, egg-shaped crystals, containing other dragons’ memories as well. There’s still much to learn and absorb from mother.”

Shakas’ tummy rumbled. “I have a memory of a kitchen where we’ll find food without having to go hunt for ourselves. Shall we go eat now? I’m starving!” She headed off through a tunnel on the right.

The three emerged into an enormous cavern, lit by torches lining the walls. A dining room, it seemed, with a table hewn from stone and three wooden chairs. A doorway to the left lead to a kitchen. A doorway to the right lead to a common space.

Shakas figured the dragon-sized cubby with a spit and horizontal metal platter set into the right kitchen wall was a fire pit for cooking. She set the coals beneath the grate aflame with a single blast from her snout. The crackling fire soon warmed the chilly kitchen.

Across the room was a doorway barred with an icy door and a fierce blue glow with frost trailing from the barrier. Kurzi walked up to the magic door and uttered a spell which made it vanish and a gust of icy wind rushed into the kitchen.

After the blue spell dissipated, each of the dragons had a flash memory of their mother hunting and catching prey, freezing them with magic and storing them here.

Inside was a huge ice cavern stocked with multiple shelves of those frozen animals… enough stock to feed them for several years.

Shakas squeezed past Kurzi and grabbed a large moose from inside the ice room. She placed it on the metal platter in the fire pit and as smoke rose from the cooking beast, it disappeared, hitting a magic portal at the top of the cubby. “Now we shall feast and gain strength!”

When the trio finished devouring the cooked moose, they went into the common room which had three large comfortable cushions laid out on the floor around a fire pit centered in the area.

Further exploration of their lair showed that off the common area was a tunnel leading to their bedrooms and a tunnel leading to the library of edubas. Instead of exploring their lair any further, they returned to the common room, took positions on cushions, and settled in for naps.

Barva woke the others and informed them it was time to study.

They took off down the tunnel to the library and emerged into an immense cave filled with wooden bookcases lined with edubas. The egg-shaped crystals pulsed with inner glows of differing colors.

Each dragon had a set of eduba cases labeled with their name in Dratak, the dragon language. There were also sections of edubas marked with various subjects like geography, science, magic, nature, etc., which seemed more general in scope and for all of them to learn.

“If your memory doesn’t give it, the spell to open these edubas is ‘San Zun’, Dratak for ‘Sacred Knowledge’.” Kurzi stepped forward to one’s section and took a memory-egg labeled ‘Satva’s Esdar,’ their mother’s name and the Dratak word for ‘Trinity’.

One placed the eduba on a nearby pedestal and the three formed a circle round it, held hands and spoke the words. The eduba began to glow a bright blue. Their eyes glazed over as a memory flooded into their brains.

They stood on a snow-covered plateau on a high mountain top. Before them, at three times their current height, stood their mother… an immense adamantite dragon.

“Hello my little ones. I am sorry that I can’t be here in reality to teach you myself, but I have prepared many memories for your education.”

“You three together are the ‘Esdar’, ‘Three Eternal’, or ‘Trinity’ of dragons, and you will change the course of dragon history from henceforward.”

“I discovered the spells for extending lifespan and almost learned how to become immortal, take up my studies and learn that secret. Then use time to bring Order, reap Chaos, and balance Magic to all under your dominion.”

“Nest in this lair for the next several years as you grow and learn before you face other dragons. They are cruel and care only about physical strength. You must show them a better way. Create a better society for all. Raise your fellow dragons to a higher purpose.”

“I’m certain I met my demise at the talons of my rival, a female red dragon named Korpo. If I am correct, she is the new shaman of my pack. I do not seek revenge, but I ask that you three use your unique abilities to pass judgement on her actions.”

Barva, my golden boy, you are the light bringer of Order from Chaos. You are destined to create a new order for dragons and bring stability to their society. You are light and love, but also enforcer for all those in your domain. You make the rules for others to follow.”
“Shakas, my red girl, you are the dark reaper of Chaos from Despair. You are destined to oppose Barva, for there can’t be order without chaos. Your opposition will ensure Barva looks at his decisions from different viewpoints. You are dark and doom, but also jury for all those in your domain. You make the punishments for those who have been judged.”

“Kurzi, my purple one, you are the balance between Order and Chaos. You are destined to be the balance between your siblings and to keep the peace of your unity. You are glowing and magical, but also judge for all those in your domain. You determine the destinies of all in the universe.”

“Always remember you are a Trinity, a Unity, you three are meant to fight like siblings do, but ultimately to love and respect each other. You are Order, Chaos and Magic. Embody those aspects of your personalities and use them to enhance the universe. Go now, learn, grow and spread your purpose through the universe my children.”

Their eyes returned to normal, and they stood again in the circle in the cavern, still holding hands around the now dim eduba on the pedestal. Barva was first to speak as he released his hands.

“Let us study the current situation of how dragon society works, and I shall come up with a plan on how to change it for the better.”

Shakas smiled at her golden brother, “And naturally I will see the flaws in your plans and point out the errors you can’t see.”

Kurzi put one’s hands on the shoulders of both one’s siblings, “Together we will determine a course of action that will ultimately make dragon society better for all in our domain.”

The three dragons clasped hands, smiled, and spoke at once, “San Zun”, and the memory of their mother played once again.