This image is a screenshot of The Flash, from “Versus Zoom” and so is copyright of The CW Network.

RIPs (Rapid Intragalactic Portal)s were created when a Zi Crystal asteroid collided into Anki 66 million years ago (while an asteroid simultaneously impacted Earth in the parallel universe). At that time, 11 other known planets in the Abzu Galaxy had Zi Crystals on them… due to the quantum entanglement of Zi Crystals, the energy of the Zi Crystal asteroid impacting Anki resonated through the other collections of crystals on those 11 planets and created the RIPs between them (as well as RIPs between Earth and Anki).

RIPs are how creatures originally (and most accidentally) traveled between all the worlds in the Akasha Universe and also into the Earth Universe (not as frequently). This is also how fairy tales about such creatures came to be on Earth… because they really do exist!

Not as much travel happens from Earth Universe to Akasha Universe because the RIPs need magic to exist and Earth Universe has very little magic energy naturally occurring. RIPs take great amounts of magic to hold open… the bigger the opening, then the more magic it consumes.

RIPs are pinpoints of magic leakage into the Earth Universe so magic is naturally stronger nearest to RIPs.

Satva Circle Masters can detect where RIPs are located and they guard the secret of their locations… dying instead of divulging these secrets.

The Erset/Anki RIP, that Jaylin uses, only opens once a month on the full moon (naturally), but the RIP-gate at that location can be opened at will for 3 minutes with a 24 hour recharge time.

Image Credits: This image is a screenshot of The Flash, from "Versus Zoom" and so is copyright of The CW Network..

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