Orcs (Orkrut) are about 1.5 times the size of Humans in general (about 10 feet maximum… there are always exceptions to any rule) and are from the planet Ternor, one of the 12 RIP-worlds.

Orcs are very aggressive with other species, but non-aggressive with their own kind. They are very social with their own and tend to live in communal settings. Orcs make for great soldiers and warriors.

Orcs have darkvision and can see very well in low light and dark settings, but they are sensitive to bright lights and sunlight.

It is very rare for Orcs to be able to perform magic, those that can perform it are usually called Shamans or Witches and they usually command vast troops of Orcs.

Half-Orcs tend to be much less aggressive and social with other races, they have a higher percentage of chance that they can perform magic and also rely more heavily on technology than brute strength.

According to Akasha Records, Orcs are a race of zavi created by the combination of Komodo Dragon and Anu DNA.

Orcs live to be about 175 to 350 years.

Image Credits: D&D Orc.

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