Humans (Umamun in the Akasha Universe) are originally from the World of Earth (Erset in the Erset Universe), but they also live on most habitable worlds of the Abzu Galaxy. Humans were re-introduced to Anki after thousands of years of banishment and therefore, Humans are considered a very slight minority in the rest of the Abzu Galaxy (since they haven’t inhabited the Abzu Galaxy as long as the other races). The first major human migration back into the Abzu Galaxy was by the Mycenae over 3,000 years ago… then another wave by the Greeks.

According to Akasha Records, Humans are a race of zavi created by the Anu and are a combination of Ape and Anu DNA.

The term “Human” is considered derogatory when used instead of saying “Umamun”.

Humans live to be about 70 to 100 years (in Erset Universe) or 150 to 200 years (in Akasha Universe).

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