Gnomes (Nommir) are approximately 1/4 human-sized and are from the planet Piplin, one of the 12 Rip-worlds. Gnomes are far too small to pass as tiny humans and so stay hidden if they ever find themselves on Earth.

Piplin is a forest planet with huge trees that Gnomes tend to “grow” mushroom-shaped homes on the tree trunks and carved into the trees, but in a still living manner, so that the trees actually thrive from the symbiosis of the architecture.

Gnomes are well known to be “tinkerers” who love to make magitech items, as well as mechanical and technological products. Gnomes love to play and are generally a very jovial and happy people.

According to Akasha Records, Gnomes are a race of Zavi created by the Anu as a combination of Mouse and Anu DNA.

Gnomes live to be between 200 and 500 years.

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