Faybel Vala

Actress McKenna Knipe

Actress McKenna Knipe

Faybel is the Protagonist in Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. She is a young lady of 18 when our story begins. She wears her long blonde hair in two wavy braids. She has parakeet green eyes and is exceptionally beautiful but reserved.

She doesn’t know it at the beginning of our story, but she’s half elf and half human (but looks fully human). She is your typical HERO trope. She is a Type 3 Enneagram, The Achiever.

She is currently single, but she will find a Love Interest in Lukos Lavi in this story. Her adoptive father was Catholic, but her adoptive mother’s side of the family are all practicing Wiccans and so is Faybel. She was raised out on a farm in the small town of Alexandria, Indiana and has never traveled to other states.

Although she could have graduated top of her class, she learned at an early age to hide her natural abilities of being smarter, stronger, faster, and more agile than her classmates, or she’d get bullied for being too perfect at everything… so she made herself seem perfectly average to all her classmates and even to her adoptive parents.

Faybel learns she can use 8 Schools of Magic.

She doesn’t have a profession besides working on the farm her whole life.

Her birthday is October 31st, 2004, but she was born in the deepness of space in the Abzu Galaxy of the Akasha Universe and then hidden on Earth by the elf, Jaylin Wynutu. Her birth mother was Adodella Vala, an elf, and her birth father is Alexandros Minos, a human.

  • Wants: To find her birth parents and learn her heritage… why is she so different from those around her?
  • Needs: To know she’s extraordinary, half-elf, and can use real magic.
  • Lie: Believing that she’s a freak of a human… she must hide abilities and act ordinary to be accepted by society. Magic doesn’t exist. Earth is the only reality.
  • Ghost: Raised on Earth with human standards instead of elf society.


Youth Personality: headstrong, impatient, explorer, intellectual, idealistic, problem solver, debater, rational, logical.

Adult Personality: protective, nurturing, ecological, practical, organized, environmentalist, resourceful, outdoorsy.

Mature Personality: mature, passionate, creative, independent, confident, friendly, optimistic, influential, flirtatious.

Image Credits: Actress McKenna Knipe, tinytruc.deviantart.com.

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