Eldar (Artisan, Eternal in Dratak) is one of the 12 RIP-worlds and is inhabited by Elvi (Elf).

Eldar is a distinctly amethyst, rocky planet with a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere and a variety of environments with differing climates. The planet has a light ring system from an ancient, shattered moon which tends to have an amethyst glow. It has three super continents separated by narrow oceans.

Elves tend to build their major habitations near coasts and along rivers, but have spread their dwellings to encompass practically all land masses as well as some aquatic based homes, towns and cities.

Eldar is noted for its ancient Elf culture which exists in harmony with nature and a balance of life with technology and magic.

Queen Tiatal liked Earth’s Egyptian culture and “borrowed” some of its style into the Eldar Empire.

The capital city is Aluelabi in the country of Kiabel.

Unique to this planet:

  • Characters: Faybel ValaJaylin Wynutu, Adodella Vala
  • Cultures: Elvi.
  • Faunas: Animals unique to this planet.
  • Floras: Plants unique to this planet.
  • Histories: Events unique to this planet.
  • Locations: Locations unique to this planet.
  • Militaries: Militaries unique to this planet.
  • Politics: Politics and Governments unique to this planet.
  • Races/Species: Elvi (Elves)
  • Religions: Satva Circle
  • Star: Eluddar

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