Dukrik Bardon

Dukrik Bardon

Dukrik is our Warrior in Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. He is a seasoned veteran of 198 when our story begins. He is obviously short and stocky, but very strong. He is balding on top with a band of gray hair and a gray goatee. His eyes are muddy yellow, and he has a charming but boisterous personality.

He is an older Dwarf with a younger attitude. He is your stereotypical Old Soldier trope. He is a Type 5 Enneagram, The Investigator.

He is currently single but was married in the past and is soured on love.

He was honor graduate from the Dwarven Armed Forces. For his size, he’s unimaginably strong and stealthy. He’s incredibly smart and bookwormish… he seeks knowledge of everything, especially about magical items. He knows 4 Schools of Magic. His profession is a blacksmith, armorer and trader of rare objects.

His birthday is September 29th, 1824 and he was born on the RIP-world of Gordon to his father, Durinn (a dwarf) and his mother, Berronar (a dwarf).

  • Basic Desire: To be capable and competent
  • Basic Fear: Being useless, helpless, or incapable


Youth Personality: courageous, disciplined, tough, persistent, distrustful, slightly rude, good hearted, boastful.

Adult Personality: dependable, risk taker, loyal, defiant, strong willed, pragmatic, resourceful, secretive.

Mature Personality: stable, fervent, creative, independent, confident, sociable, sanguine, forceful, playful.


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