Bodar K9DE3

Bodar is a Sidekick to Lukos in Faybel’s Tale: Magitech Wars 1. He is a Roboshi of 20 when our story begins. He looks like a humanoid wolf with black and white markings on his metallic skin and a blue glow to his eyes.

He looks fully metallic like an android, but being Roboshi, his skin is magically spelled to be like elven flesh. He is your typical Bruiser Softy trope. He is a Type 6 Enneagram, The Loyalist.

He has no love interests but likes to play as if he’s purposefully celibate although there is a potential interest in Sekmet, she doesn’t reciprocate the feeling and rebuffs his romantic attempts.

Because he is a Roboshi, he is smarter, stronger, faster and more agile than most Beastfolk with a dog-like persistence. Bodar can use 3 Schools of Magic. He is dedicated to be a loyal and useful Roboshi to Lukos Lavi.

His creation date was the year 1996, so he is only 22 years old… but programmed to act like a father figure to Lukos as well as having advanced military training, knows several martial arts, and overpowered for a Roboshi his size.

  • Basic Desire: To protect and serve.
  • Basic Fear: Of being useless and unable to protect his master.


Youth Personality: intelligent, curious, practical, strong, athletic, adventurous, militaristic, soldier mentality.

Adult Personality: protective, cultivating, pragmatic, structured, preservationist, imaginative, conscientious.

Mature Personality: mature, passionate, creative, autonomous, self-confident, friendly, positive, effective, engaging.

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