Character: Barva, the gold Dragon

Gold Dragon

Barva is the Protagonist in Dragon’s Order: Dragon Trinity 1.

He is a young dragon just born when our story begins. He has golden scales and two, long golden horns.
He has golden glowing eyes and is exceptionally handsome but reserved.
He is your typical HERO trope. He is a Type 3 Enneagram, The Achiever.

He is currently single, but tends to be promiscuous and father many offspring.

At the age of six, he and his siblings cast a spell on themselves to make them several times larger and looking hundreds of years old to other dragons so that they might interact with them on an equal footing.

Barva can use 8 Schools of Magic.

He was born in the on the RIP-world Anki in Mount Esodar. His birth mother was Satvana and the trinity was born through parthenogenesis.

  • Wants: To avenge the murder of his mother and bring Order from Chaos.
  • Needs: To learn to find mercy and reprieve in others.
  • Lie: That Chaos is the normal state of being in the universe.
  • Ghost: Always fighting with Shakas to bring Order from Chaos.

Youth Personality: headstrong, impatient, explorer, intellectual, idealistic, problem solver, debater, rational, logical.

Adult Personality: protective, nurturing, ecological, practical, organized, environmentalist, resourceful, outdoorsy.

Mature Personality: mature, passionate, creative, independent, confident, friendly, optimistic, influential, flirtatious.

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